Devin Wild Presents The_Innergame: MINDTRAVEL


It's time to fly away into a world, that can't be seen with the normal eye... Traveling through my mind of imagination, taking inner paths into outer space,Through the cosmos, whilst remaining in one place....

Devin Wild proudly presents a brand new liveshow: The Innergame: MINDTRAVEL

It’s time to set foot in a new world and navigate through the inner landscape of the mind.Driving you deeper and deeper into their own psyche... Enter the mind of the psychonaut Devin Wild and transform your inner worlds that shift your consciousness to a higher plane. Unlock the door to a whole new dimension of reality, using the power of psychedelics to transport you to new and unexplored territories. 

The launch of The Innergame MINDTRAVEL show will be in collaboration with Musical Madness and takes place at APEX (February 25th, Maimarkthalle Mannheim Germany) 

Experience to understand...


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