The Melodyst

The Melodyst

Matthew & Simone met on the streets of Milan at the age of 17. After discovering their mutual passion for Hardcore music they decided to try and produce some tracks, just for fun.

In 2011, Jose Sendra(Meccano Twins), childhood friend of Matthew, heard their demo and decided to put them in contact with Manuel Berdardelli(Dj Stereotype), at the time talent scout for Rotterdam Records.Matt & Simone then began a long period of music production experience at the end of which, after a year, their first release "Clint" was released on Rotterdam Records. During the following year, the duo plays in many european clubs & parties in countries such as Italy Spain France Swiss,Holland and Belgium. , they also release other 2 EP on Rott. including one of their biggest successes: Personal Demon. 

Following the closure of Rotterdam Records, they found themselves sending out demos again, in search for a new label.Even though they received many offers from other important labels, they decided to work with the just recently founded Next Cyclone, sublabel project for emerging talents of TRAXTORM records & Hardcore Italia artists, with which they released the NXC001: You dont know.

With the guidance and help of Cristian Nardelli (Art of Fighters) they managed to consolidate their melodic style, that could be defined as raw and versatile.
Their career continues with their presence in the lineup of many european Harddance festivals such as: Hardcore Italia, The Qontinent, Decibel, Project Hardcore, Harmony of Hardcore and United Hardcore forces.

Exclusivity: Benelux, Germany & UK