Let’s roll with Ransom!

Sharp dressed with a suitcase filled with their ‘Ransom beats and bills’. This is the way this duo makes their entrance time after time. With releases on labels such as Q-dance Records, ROQ ’N Rolla music, Pussy lounge music they have proven their selfs. Who doesn’t know the track ‘Fistpumpin’, their biggest hit? The leading key in every single performance is the wide diversity of music and party-minded tracks.

In the past years the career of Ransom had a lot of highlights. Producers of the Q-BASE 2018 OST, Ransomnia hostings at the Defqon.1 RED (mainstage) and Q-BASE both in 2018. They played at events like Defqon.1 Australia, Decibel Outdoor, Tomorrowland, X-Qlusive Holland, Mysteryland, Electric Love, Rebirth and The Qontinent etc.

We can conclude they have definitely set their footprints, and are hungry for more. Are you ready for some beats and bills? They can come your way as Ransom’s schedule is open for your requests.

For more information, please contact info@the-wishlist.nl.