Plug 'N Play

Plug 'N Play

Two friends, one passion! 

Their love for the harder styles in dance music arose at the first parties these two friends visited. Since then Piet & Robbert knew that they wanted more than just “listen to music”. As of the start of 2017, after many years of DJ’ing & performing, Piet & Robbert founded a new & dynamic Freestyle act..; Plug ‘N Play was born!

Jackpot, Showtime & How We Play are some of the tracks that the duo has released and these tracks indicate exactly what their act is known for: Playfulness & high doses of energy!

Plug ‘N Play performed at parties like Defqon.1, Decibel Outdoor, Q-BASE, Pussy Lounge, Intents, Rebirth, X-Qlusive, etc., so these guys know perfectly well how to create an unforgettable and playful party experience for the crowd to enjoy and talk about later!