Recognizable for his height and energetic performances, Kevin Arps is ready to bring some fresh winds to the scene. Kevin was born in 1995,  raised near Hamburg and started there his journey in the music scene. In October 2018 he decided that he should move to The Netherlands in order to achieve his goals and fuel his fire.
2018 marked the year of first major bookings like Loudness, Defqon1 and Decibel.
A huge acknowledgement that the chosen path was correct and that their goals and ambitions were realistic
In early 2019 another milestone got added to the list by joining the Scantraxx Family.
This gave Imperatorz the chance to step up in his musical standard and quality.

In the same year Imperatorz had the honor to open the Indigo stage on Defqon1, something that marked another milestone in the career. ...11:20 and a full packed stage...
During the end of 2019 many great opportunities lined up, playing at the legendary Maassilo, remixing “On the loose” from Crypsis and playing at the other side of the world Australia for ESI.

Thriving for new opportunities and goals the career of this high energetic and passionate Artist is looking better than ever!